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Why now is the best time to start an Online business

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If you’ve been wanting to start an online business for quite some time now, we have some good news: the floor is now yours.

The rise of TikTok and Instagram commerce in addition to the complications brought forth by Covid-19 has made the market a lot more favourable for online businesses. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, for there are many other reasons behind the fact that online businesses are consistently thriving. 

Curious to find out more? Then keep reading!

1. Online Business | A Look at Some Stats

Recently, we have witnessed a shift from a focus on “influencers” to a focus on “creators.” Luckily, this means that anyone with a unique talent, especially one which can be utilized to produce a product or service that can be sold, has become highly sought out by a good sum of the population. According to a survey done by Red Egg Marketing, 82% of shoppers will pay more to support small businesses. This trend is definitely global with 53% of consumers out of 4500 who were surveyed across the UK, US, Australia and Brazil believing it is more important to shop with local businesses now than it was before the pandemic (Pollinate). 

Whether it's because nowadays more and more people are becoming concerned about the ethical practices of big corporations, or because they’d rather opt for something custom and specialized rather than a mass-produced product; the game is definitely changing. 

All of this means that now is exactly the time you should start working on the launch of your online business.

2. Starting a Small Online Business: Benifits

But why should you consider starting an online business, to begin with?

Good question. Here’s a list of all the benefits you can enjoy if you start your online business during this time:

Flexible Schedule

The best thing about having an online business of your own is that when it comes to the work schedule, you are completely in charge. You can develop a flexible schedule that caters to your personal needs.

Work From Anywhere

Another good thing about starting an online business is that a good portion of the work can be done from anywhere thanks to its online nature. Even if you’re on the go, you can manage your channels and ensure that everything is on track when it comes to the progress of your venture.

Earn More

There’s also a huge chance that you’ll be making a lot more money without any cap on how much you can earn; your income isn’t dependent on how many hours you work but on how productively you are working. 

Focus on Your Passions

More than anything, you can solely focus on your real passions and interests which has a way higher chance of keeping you consistent and motivated. A lot of the skills that are needed to run an online business these days are available for free (or somewhat free) to learn online, Skillshare and Coursera being that provide introductory courses on the business side of things. 

3. Wrapping Up:

However, there’s a lot of planning involved because, at the end of the day, a venture like this is no walk in the park. Online businesses can run 24/7 but to make that happen you need a smooth running website with an easy-to-navigate design. There are also other things to consider such as a brand voice, sales and product road mapping and all that jazz, which might seem a pain to navigate through. 

This is where ELBI comes in, by outsourcing all the technical aspects of the work and using us to guide you through the process you’ll be able to focus solely on what really matters: the actual service or product you wish to create. So why wait? If you’re sick of the corporate world and want to take things into your own hands, get in touch today and make ELBI your partner in this new journey.

Khizer Zahid
Senior Writer